22 December 2008

Returning to Sarah's home turf

I'm heading up to San Fran in about 12 hours.

I've been back in the US for just over a week, but jet lag has really slowed me down. But I'm doing everything to ensure that my three months' worth of experiences in Asia will continue to influence me for a long time.

Given that the Pope is joining the Moonies and the Republican Party (both the main US party and the puppet branch party in South Korea) in calling for extermination of all LGBTs worldwide, I had to make sure to cut all my ties to the Pope's biggest corporate sponsor, BMW, in a timely manner. As BMW had also supported Bill O'Reilly and his calls to destroy San Francisco, I had to get a more conscionable car in order to be able to make the drive tomorrow. My 3-series was sold at a pittance, primarily due to the tanking economy caused by policies and politicians supported by BMW worldwide.

As previously indicated here and at my main blog, the replacement vehicle is a Hyundai Genesis, which reflects the cooler heads prevailing among the everyday South Koreans, as well as the spirit of Kwan Yin that I had soaked up during my Asian sojourn. I even named the car Gwaneum One (Gwaneum being the Korean pronunciation of Kwan Yin), and ordered a vanity plate to that effect. Its luxury amenities are outstanding. I got to use Gwaneum One's car phone for the first time, when my BMW dealership called my cell phone for a service reminder, and the call was routed via Bluetooth to the car; I was very happy to ask to be taken off their phone list due to the sale of my old car.

This trip will primarily be a photo op for my new car, but will also lead me to Sarah and Kirsten's church in Berkeley. I'll also get some inspirations from other places, just like Seoul and Hong Kong provided me with many unexpected inspirations.

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