03 January 2009

On the road again

Gwaneum One and I are doing fine - I am logging on from Las Vegas, after a great Christmas in San Francisco. Although the crummy parking structure at Imperial Palace, and the moronic Chrysler drivers, caused me to back into a trash bin (and give Gwaneum One a few rear bumper scratches), I am still quite glad to be driving around in something more conscionable than a BMW.

In order to come to Vegas, however, I ended up buying an airline carry-on size suitcase first, as my existing Travelpro one has been falling apart (so much so, that it hasn't been on an airplane in years). I went to a local Costco to pick up a store brand (Kirkland) example. As I waited in line, a lady in navy blue started remarking about it - how great the Kirkland is (she has one herself), how bad the Travelpros have become, etc. She had to drift off to talk about shifts to Seoul and Shanghai on her cell phone - then I spotted a "crew" badge under her coat. As it turned out, she was a United flight attendant - Sarah's coworker!

I thanked her for the luggage tips, and while I did not mention Sarah, I did mention that I am now a Premier. She was very happy to hear about it - and gave me a hi-five. And I was also glad that this flight attendant was putting a good face for her employer - something that will benefit Sarah as well. I know I can't maintain a good face on behalf of anybody - which is precisely why I am not working as a flight attendant (or any other customer service position). A smile and a frown may be all the difference there may be between me taking United for my next air trip, and taking a competitor. And I surely want to fly United next time - if only to claim my 25% Premier mileage bonus!

And just before we went our separate ways, we briefly talked about Seoul's Incheon Airport as well. I mentioned that flying into and out of Incheon is what brought me to Premier, and she said she loved Incheon. Glad to be able to think about, and discuss, my favorite airport and my favorite airline. I'll make sure to have Sarah put some more time in on that route too!

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