11 November 2008

Pleasant Surprise

Danish Girl is the story of a married artist couple in the early 20th Century Denmark, where the wife often painted pictures of women, using her crossdressed husband as her model. The husband turned out to be transgender, became the first post-op transwoman in modern history, and the two went on to live as lesbians, though the rise of the Nazis meant they had to flee their home. I've had a copy of this book, but didn't get around to reading it yet.

Now, I'm being told that there will be an independent movie based on the movie, starring Nicole Kidman as the husband and Charlize Theron as the wife. This is WAY too good to be true - but it is!


I want to thank Lisa O'Connor, one of my Facebook friends, for posting this to her Facebook profile as a link. In the wake of even more gay marriage bans throughout the US, this is a very good news.

I'll certainly be waiting in line to see this movie. This one also has some parallels to my own novel plotline; Kirsten also works in the arts, she also happens to be an avid amateur photographer, and her favorite subject is Sarah in the nude in a flower field, at various stages of her gender transition.

And while at it, watching a Charlize Theron movie in this capacity will still allow me to show appreciation to South Africa and its long fight for justice and equality, even as I get rid of my South African-built BMW over BMW's inability to repent over its Nazi-era sins. Theron has also gone on record as saying that she will not get married, until gays can legally get married alongside her.

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