12 November 2008

Some afterthoughts

Yes, I had a great dinner with Sarah, right here in Seoul.

I did overlook a few things, which will have to be addressed in Hong Kong. I completely forgot about Sarah's personal laptop, which will probably be an Apple MacBook, with the capability to start up in Microsoft Windows as required.

I expect to have a peek into Sarah's own writings, including the Seoul travelogue that she is working on for the United Airlines inflight magazine. I want her to deal with shamanism, Kwan Yin, and other topics that are dear to her. She may even do this as an openly transgender employee of United.

I will also look at the programs that are installed in Sarah's computer. The Windows portion will probably run Microsoft Flight Simulator, which speaks to Sarah's love of aviation. I'll fire it up and expect to find the entire United Airlines fleet, as well as some preconfigured flight plans to her favorite destinations worldwide. When she doesn't work on the computer, I may find a screen saver as well, probably an official United Airlines screensaver of some sort.

Sarah may even show me the contents of her photo directory, which will have a number of her travel photos from around the world. She will also show me an online photo depository where she uploads the photos for public view. I also expect to find photos of Sarah herself, including the progressive nude photos taken by Kirsten. However, those will only reside inside Sarah's hard drive, as an upload could go public - even by mistake - and that will certainly put her career in jeopardy.

Finally, there will be even more tools of the trade that she could show me. Using Sarah's laptop, I'll be able to connect to an employees-only United Airlines server, where there will be lots of juicy information available. Sarah will connect to it primarily to bid for her favorite flights to work on, and to swap shifts with a coworker.

There is one thing that I considered, but scrapped. I briefly thought about having Kirsten come to Hong Kong to join us. However, I'll rule it out, due to her pregnancy, which takes a toll on her endurance as she travels. Besides, I don't want to meet her when she's dressed in a shapeless maternity tunic; I'd rather have her wear her trademark Ally McBeal miniskirt suits, tightly fitted. I may simply decide to wait until the childbirth, then visit Kirsten right at home in Hollywood.

Looking forward to getting to Hong Kong and writing the scene! Until then, I will enjoy my South Korean road trip.

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