10 November 2008

Dinner with Sarah - complete!

Between the plunging temperatures, the high humidity, and the tendency of full-blast heating in South Korea, I haven't been good at keeping my body at a comfortable temperature, and have succumbed to a cold.

As a result, I couldn't leave my apartment today. However, I took a lot of sleep and rest - and certainly used the time productively in completing my first dinner scene with Sarah, which takes place here in Seoul.

I took some fictional liberties; my original US election projections - a bare Obama win, and convincing passage of California's Prop 8 - were kept intact, for a slightly more pessimistic take on the actual results. I also fudged with the details of my car rental, as well as a few details within Seoul. But I am happy with what I ended up with. I ended up including a cell phone call from Kirsten during the scene - and that allowed me to speak to my alter ego for the first time! Of course, my new vow to get rid of my BMW as soon as I return to Los Angeles, as well as my upcoming trip to Hong Kong, also feature in the scene.

And speaking of Hong Kong, I am all set to go now. I simply need to stop by at an Asiana ticket counter tomorrow to pay for the ticket. Looking forward to enjoying Hong Kong - and to another wonderful evening with Sarah.

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