26 November 2008

Photo essay coming up

I am about to prepare a photo essay and upload it to Facebook, when I get time.

It will consist of transgender-related stuff that I've come across in my past two months in South Korea. While transgender culture in South Korea is normally reduced to a few modern-day popular entertainers, there is a lot more to it - notably the worship of Kwan Yin and the prominence of shamanism.

The Kwan Yin-related stuff is already posted over at Christy's Art Blog. I already refer to Kwan Yin as the blog's "beloved transgender matron saint," and that's how I feel about her myself.

I hope some of the inspirations that I've taken over the recent months will make their way into my novel and into Sarah, as she continues to serve United Airlines' vast Asian network. And for that matter, I need to take those same inspirations into my own life.

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