29 November 2008

Hong Kong

I've arrived in Kowloon.

I'll spend the next few days exploring the basics of Hong Kong - a one-of-a-kind city, and a major destination for Sarah's airline. In fact, I am certainly having another meeting with Sarah, right here in Hong Kong. In this "east meets west" city, Sarah will certainly blend in very well, even though she doesn't even speak Cantonese. (I don't either, but English is widely spoken, a relic of the British colonial era.)

I've found the last few days in South Korea to be extremely stressful, as I continue to find out about the treasonous, undemocratic activities of the new conservative government. It is a big concern, as it funds the Moonies in order to "pay respects" to a benevolent foreign force - the US Republican neocons - destroying American democracy in the process. South Korea is NOT a sovereign republic, but rather, a colony of a failed ideology and a discredited US political party. If South Korea were an actual colony of the entire US, and helping American democratic ideals as opposed to destroying them, I'd be much happier. In any case, I am glad to leave it behind for a few days and hang out in Hong Kong, which doesn't quite try to mess up US democracy yet (though mainland China might).

When I meet with Sarah here, she'll ask me about my South Korean road trip, which I had mentioned at our Seoul meeting. I will certainly spill the beans - but will fume about what I've seen in the past few days, and lament about the fact that I'll have to return to Seoul for ten more days after Hong Kong. I will, however, make clear that I continue to love the ordinary South Koreans more than ever, and take inspirations from them, despite their inability to pick a good government.

I am already thinking of a few possible venues for the meeting. We could meet at the Star Ferry dock, near the handprints of Hong Kong's famous movie stars, and take the ferry together to Hong Kong Island to climb Victoria Peak. We could return to Kowloon in the evening for a weird dinner, a stroll of the Ladies Market, and more, before retiring to Sarah's room for a few rounds of board games and a look at her laptop.

Hong Kong is warm and humid - but not too bad. It certainly beats freezing my behind off in Seoul. I'll reflect this in our wardrobe choices, though Sarah will probably dress in ways that Kirsten and I normally do (floral dress) while I'll probably take Sarah's style (tunic shirt with tights).

Looking forward to some great inspirations.

One more thing - the flight on Asiana went well. Boarding and disembarkation music were Christmas carols. I was recognized with my new United Premier status - Star Silver - entitling me to priority baggage handling. And as my flight did its takeoff roll at Seoul Incheon, I was able to spot a United 777 that had just arrived from San Francisco - always a welcome sight for me. In fact, I whispered "Hi Sarah!" at the 777, even though I knew that Sarah would be here in Hong Kong instead!

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