23 November 2008

More Travel Update

I've returned to Seoul, though I've been forced to relocate to the posh suburb of Seongnam, the birthplace of Harisu, South Korea's most famous transgender woman.

I've spent several more days on the road, and I am very pleased, as I've been able to pay pilgrimages to lots of Kwan Yin-related sites throughout the nation. Also, I managed to take my rental car into the parking garage of Lotte World in Jamsil, like I was supposed to do during my dinner scene with Sarah; it felt quite special, despite the pricey parking rates.

I must return my car tomorrow. I already extended my rental by a day, and I can continue to do so with advance notice, but it'll cost me dearly. Besides, as I keep driving, the Seoul road rage will eventually get to me, so I might as well give up my wheel while I am still loving the experience.

I'm looking forward to the next phases of my life. By the end of this week, I'll find myself in Hong Kong, finding new favorite hangouts for Sarah and making more Kwan Yin pilgrimages (one of them should take me to faraway Lantau Island, where the airport is). And before I know it, I'll be back in Los Angeles, replacing my Nazimobile with a Hyundai Genesis (and naming it after Kwan Yin). I expect to continue returning to Seoul for a while afterwards. Looking forward to all sorts of new, great inspirations for myself and for Sarah.

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