30 November 2008


I'm done with my first Hong Kong sightseeing day. But I think I already have enough to go ahead and start my Sarah interview here in Hong Kong.

I'll start by having Sarah come to my hotel in Kowloon, discussing a number of things and looking at my computer (complete with a wallpaper of Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal). We'll then explore Kowloon, first going to the nearby Tin Hau Temple to pay respects to Kwan Yin. We'll head to Tsim Sha Tsui for a dinner at a Szechuan or a Cantonese restaurant, overlooking the harbor; Sarah will probably give me a few tips on how to better enjoy Hong Kong. Afterwards, we'll explore the Avenue of the Stars, where we'll stop by Michelle Yeoh's handprints, and Sarah will nag me about my hopeless lesbianism one more time (as I've been known to discuss Michelle Yeoh's onetime appearance on the cover of a US lesbian magazine).

We'll retire to Sarah's room at a nearby luxury hotel, but not before seeing a few chess sets at a nearby souvenir shop, and wandering if there will ever be a set with Kwan Yin as the queen, as both are transwomen. Once in Sarah's room, I'll explore Sarah's computer for her writings as well as some photos, consisting of both Sarah's travel photos and Kirsten's artistic nude shots of Sarah. While Sarah will not showcase her body to me this time, I'll have her challenge me for even more board games. After three varieties of chess (Western, Chinese, Korean) and Go, Sarah will win all four - for a cumulative record of 8 for 8 against me. She'll surely feel very lucky; I'll then challenge her to a new game, Five-in-a-Row (gomoku in Japanese), which she'll win too, making it 9 for 9 - very divine.

Looking forward to writing this scene after my early sleep. While at it, I'll start planning my rendezvous with somewhat pregnant Kirsten, which will take back in Los Angeles after I return home and sell my BMW. It'll be a meeting of long-lost twin sisters, in character. Sarah may or may not be with us at that point.

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