05 October 2008

More on Sarah's body image

My previous post, dealing with Sarah's sexuality and body image, led me to another thought.

There are some people out there who take photos of even the most mundane everyday objects, and turn that into an art form. A friend that I met on the Internet (and later visited in person), DiAnne Grieser based in Seattle, is one such person. Normally, I am not; I never carry my camera around my hometown. But inspired by DiAnne, I am taking photos of even the littlest things during my current stay in Seoul; my main blog is showcasing hundreds of them now, and that can only increase as I continue my meditation and sightseeing.

This may be a trait that I need to transfer to my alter ego, Kirsten. By making Kirsten an avid amateur photographer, I could create a conversation piece, something that will get Sarah hooked. (Honestly, as much as Sarah loves Kirsten's fashion sense, that alone won't lead to anything.)

Once the relationship takes off, and becomes intimate, Kirsten could take artistic photos of Sarah, some of them in the nude. The first photos will start as Sarah, with some feminine development, starts to gain enough self-confidence to start posing nude for Kirsten. The progressive batches of photos will show Sarah's increasingly feminine silhouette. And while Sarah will do everything to ensure that her male bits don't get included at first, she won't mind later on; in fact, some of the later photos will purposely show the male bits, to document that Sarah, despite her beauty, is a work-in-progress. The final batch will show a complete woman - instead of male bits, Sarah will have completely feminine anatomy, though surgical scars may be evident, as well as other body scars from Sarah's high school-era physical abuses.

The setting will probably be outdoors, in a beautiful flower field. After all, Sarah's longstanding fantasy, dating back to her first wet dream, is to walk around a flower field naked. It will be up to Kirsten to find the proper species/mix of flowers and colors that will match Sarah's hair and skin tones well. After all, this is all about art, not erotica.

A possible format for the narration of the story is for Sarah to hold a photo album in her hands, showcasing these various flower field nudes of herself, and talking about her physical (and mental and spiritual) development as they relate to each batch of photos.

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