07 October 2008

Sarah, the not-so-perfect girl

I remember a lesson from one of my past writing classes that my characters are going to be pretty boring if they are picture perfect. To that end, I gave Sarah some scars on her left scalp, dating back from a physical assault in a high school locker room.

Now, I am gonna have to give Sarah one more scar before the story ends.

Sarah's male bits are pretty large, that much I've always known. That will cause her lots of grief early on, but by the time she improves her self-image and starts seeing her male bits as raw material for her future womanhood, the rather large "big clit" will actually be a source of pride. But even then, it will not be enough to form a naturally deep enough vagina, once the surgery is under way. A common procedure is to take skin grafts from the patient's buttocks and use that as extra material to form the interior of the vagina. However, this will result in an extra scar on Sarah's derriere, though it won't really be visible unless Sarah is naked.

In my previous post, I was discussing Kirsten's hobby as an amateur photographer, and her favorite subject being Sarah in the nude in a beautiful natural setting. This will mean that the final, post-operative batch of Sarah's photos will show an extra scar on Sarah's derriere. While this makes Sarah less of a perfect girl physically, it will also make her that much more authentic.

In addition, I've struggled for a long time to figure out whether Sarah's "big clit" would've been previously circumcized. Now, I have an answer: circumcision shortly after birth. This is important, because it further reduces the available raw material for Sarah's vagina, and will require bigger skin grafts (and result in a bigger scar). It will also make it that much more of a challenge for the pre-operative Sarah to love her body and her "big clit," since its use, in relation to its embarrassing size, will be more limited.

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