26 October 2008

Comment moderation is on

I normally believe in as much free speech as possible, including on my blogs, unless outright hate speech is involved.

However, the recent day or two over at my other blog has led me to turn on comment moderation there - and here as well.

A right-wing extremist ethnic Korean, based in Boston, with an intense hatred of Barack Obama and any other "Communist" (his label for anyone who does not buy the agendas of the Republicans in the US, and/or their puppets Grand Nationals in South Korea), has been spamming my blog with nonsense comments showcasing extreme hatred of Mexicans, gays, liberals, and even non-Republican Americans. I loved having him spam away - as I was able to gather all the crap the South Korean right-wingers believe in, even without trying, and showcase their stupidity to the world. But he has now worn out my welcome.

South Korea's government and Grand Nationals, through the Unification Church, have been able to buy lots of influence in US politics. They started the rumor about Obama being a Muslim extremist. They funded the McCain campaign and California's gay marriage ban; after all, they can't allow California's homosexuals to live in peace and corrupt the Korean-American neighbors (especially their teenage kids!) into the homosexual lifestyle. While it appears that the gay marriage ban will pass (though only after intense misleading negative campaigning), the McCain presidency will be much harder to pull off. President Obama will never forgive the Grand Nationals over this.

Now, you may ask, why am I up at 2:30 AM all PO'd? I'm not PO'd - I was just too busy writing the Seoul dinner scene with Sarah, and had stopped for a quick look at my emails and my blog. The scene is going very well - and already, both Sarah and I have made choice comments about the South Korean conservative involvement in US politics, though we are trying to make the best of the situation by concentrating on other topics.

And of course, I will also blame the jet lag. Coming back to Los Angeles, only to go back to Seoul a week later, certainly takes a toll. As my current return to Los Angeles is only temporary, I am not even bothering to make major efforts to adjust to the time difference, as I have to do it all over again soon anyway. I am also appreciating Sarah's own time zone travels, as she will have to change a bunch of time zones every few days.

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