24 October 2008

Dinners with Sarah

Yes, they are in plural. I decided that I will write TWO dinner scenes between myself and Sarah. We will have dinners in both Seoul and Hong Kong.

My past month of meditation in Seoul gave me some good down time to think about Sarah and her likes/dislikes, and I got quite a few inspirations from throughout Seoul. I need to start writing these down into a dinner scene format, while I can still brainstorm.

Now that I am temporarily back in Los Angeles - and getting very outraged at the political developments in California and the US (courtesy of South Korean government funding, at that) - I need to start writing the scenes, if only to distract myself for a bit. Otherwise, it's several more days until my departure back to Seoul, and I won't make it that long. I will start on the Seoul dinner scene immediately; for the Hong Kong scene, I will probably write it in Hong Kong when I get there.

The Seoul scene is already sketching out quite nicely in my brain. Sometime mid-afternoon, I will head out to Gimpo Airport to rent a midsize car for a week, and drive immediately to the Shilla near downtown, where Sarah is staying. The goal is to have a nice chat in the car, as we drive over to Jamsil for a dinner (and to share our pasts - Jamsil was to me what London was to Sarah). We will spend time shopping together after dinner as well, before returning to Sarah's hotel room, where she will show me some things that relate to her flight attendant work, as well as a one-year temporary passport (which means her surgery is scheduled sometime in the near future). Sarah will probably nag me quite a bit, between my recent posts on this blog regarding her anatomy and my resemblance to her wife Kirsten in just about all aspects.

The Seoul scene should happen sometime mid-November on a rainy day, which will explain why we'll be staying indoors pretty much. I will assume that Barack Obama is the President-elect, and that California has passed its gay marriage ban; some choice political remarks will be made over these developments. I'll make sure to play some Sarah McLachlan in the car's CD player - so that Sarah will enjoy the ride together. Sarah should wear a forest green raincoat that matches her eye color; under it, she will sport Sanford's plaid shirt as a minidress, with a skinny belt to accentuate her waistline. I'll probably show up dressed in all black (which will lead Sarah to nag me a bit, as I look like going to a funeral) - in an Ally McBeal-style miniskirt suit, just like Kirsten.

As for the Hong Kong scene, I have a few ideas on how to proceed, but I don't want to go ahead until I am actually there and experiencing the city in person.

It should be a very therapeutic experience writing the two scenes.

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