26 October 2008

Biological basis for transsexualism?

A research in Australia, involving over a hundred male-to-female transpersons, suggests that there may be a biological/genetic basis to being transgender, just like being gay.


Specifically, the study suggests that a longer androgen receptor gene, which is known to interfere with the supply of testosterone, plays a critical role in fetal development, and causes a more female brain/identity development in a male embryo.

This may be the latest in a series of similar findings. And plans are to replicate the experiment with even larger population samples, just to be sure.

Nevertheless, the religious establishment will continue to attack the transgender population, especially in such backward places as Poland, Central America, and Saudi Arabia. Some governments will go as far as interfering with transpeople outside their own borders, as South Korea currently does in the US. No amount of scientific fact will deter these bastards and their hatred, and I will fight them to the bitter end.

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