02 April 2008

Transamerican Love Story

I finally downloaded the first six episodes (which have aired so far) and watched the first.

It was too gay male-oriented for my tastes (even though most of the suitors claim to be totally straight), but still fun to watch anyway. And both Calpernia and Andrea are very stunning women!

I will spoil one thing - one of the suitors is a transman, yet to have his genital construction surgery. If legal issues are to kick in, Calpernia's safe bet would be him, since he's the only one she can legally marry under most state laws. But this is about true love, not about legality, so I'll let things unfold.

It was sad to know that Calpernia would never have fourth dates with most men, because the third date is when she reveals her history.

I'll keep watching in any case. But I repeat - a future show must showcase a lesbian transwoman with female suitors!

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