02 April 2008

ENDA in the Senate

Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts has introduced his version of Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the US Senate. Like the House version by Representative Barney Frank (also of Massachusetts), it lacks transgender protections, and is therefore useless.

The elitist gay group Human Rights Campaign is supportive of this measure. Most gay organizations, that have ANY clue to the straight world's homophobia, are opposed.

I'm incensed, and will withhold my pledged donation to the Democrats. Not only that, I will stay home come Election Day, since I am already mad over Barack Obama's continued coddling of a homophobic advisor/minister in his campaign.

The Democrats are, in any case, toothless and useless. This may explain why so many transwomen, including Ann Coulter, are Republicans, even though the Republicans are relying on South Korean slush funds through Reverend Moon to get the LGBTs exterminated.

AP via Yahoo!

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