02 April 2008

On the road again

My plans for mid-May visit to DC have been scrapped. However, I have just booked a trip to Indianapolis at the end of this month.

It'll mean more opportunities to observe Sarah's coworkers; I am once again flying her airline. (I'm hoping to fly often enough to qualify as an elite customer.) In addition, while business will consume me during the day, I will be able to work quietly in the evenings, doing work for my two writing classes, doing a few more writing exercises, or reading some reference books.

Indianapolis doesn't seem to offer much for me to see, so I will be spending more time in the hotel room. That may be a good thing for my novel. I do anticipate a day trip to Chicago, however, on the Sunday before business begins; I'll be attending a Unitarian Universalist congregation and doing some sightseeing, filling in holes left behind last May (my last Chicago visit). And since I have a car this time, I might even get out to Elk Grove Village to look at the United Airlines facilities, some of which Sarah will spend time in.

I hope Indianapolis and Chicago will inspire me, like Orlando sort of did.

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