03 April 2008

There's Something About Miriam

Before there was Transamerican Love Story, there was a British reality TV show named There's Something About Miriam.

It was a cruel joke, if it could even qualify as a joke. Six men competed for a beautiful Mexican woman named Miriam, who turned out to be not only transgender, but pre-operative as well. This was never disclosed to the contestants until the winner was declared. It got so ugly that the six men threatened lawsuits.

It was universally panned by critics and transgender rights groups, but nevertheless attracted a lot of viewers for the Sky One channel (run by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., thank you).

This makes the eventually nasty feud among the men of Transamerican Love Story rather civil, by comparison. At least they know what they're getting into in Calpernia.

I will still say one thing though. Someone needs to make a reality TV show with a lesbian transwoman as the protagonist!

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