09 April 2008

Calpernia Addams: Mark 947

My interest in Transamerican Love Story has led me deeper into other projects done by Calpernia Addams, and one of them is a book titled Mark 947. I may need to read it soon, since I am in the midst of a memoir class.

The book details Calpernia's upbringing in an extremist Christian household, her attempts to run away through various means (including gift schools and the military), her relationship to Barry Winchell (who paid with his life in 1999 - gotta love the homophobia in the military), and how all the pain in her life only made her stronger.

I took a quick look at the cover, and found that Calpernia's middle name is Sarah. This is too good to be true - a real-life tall redheaded transwoman named Sarah!

Given that my background, though not extreme as Calpernia's, isn't too much different, I will find a suitable time to read the book. It will surely not be a pleasant read, but I will need to read it nevertheless.

Mark 947 (review at Transsexual Road Map)

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