10 April 2008

Something to do later this month...

As I make my way over to the Midwest later this month, I plan on visiting a Unitarian Universalist congregation, maybe within Indianapolis, but most likely in Chicago, in conjunction with some sightseeing there.

It looks like I have an even more compelling reason to visit Chicago. The Second Unitarian Church near Lincoln Park has an LGBT brunch after service every fourth Sunday. I'm in luck, since my visit will be the fourth Sunday of this month, if it goes ahead.

This will be a time when I get to learn some perspectives that bring these LGBTs to the Unitarian Universalist fold, and formulate something for Sarah and Kirsten. Besides, I do want to meet new people - and even get tourist tips for Chicago.

The only issue will be parking, as there is a free garage nearby, but that's only open during worship hours. I'll figure something out.

Second Unitarian Church of Chicago

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