09 April 2008

If you followed Andrea's link here

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Andrea James (of Transamerican Love Story and Transsexual Road Map) has been following my blog, now that I mentioned Transamerican Love Story a few times here. She's posted links to here at Facebook and on her own blog.

This is a sleepy blog, originally meant for brainstorming for my novel, and mentioning transgender topics only because they pertain to my novel. I am very flattered, to have the support of a very successful, high-profile member of Los Angeles's transgender community.

It tells me that one of my objectives of the novel - to re-connect with the transgender community - is happening. Discussing Transamerican Love Story has brought me in touch with many different people, and I hope to let that continue.

This also tells me that I have even more of a moral obligation to continue work on the novel, finish it, and have it published, so that I can make my own contribution to making the trans community better understood.

If you are visiting from one of Andrea's links, welcome! Please check the FAQ section which I just prepared, which talks about the novel, its protagonist, and a bit about me.

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