21 March 2008

Update from The Sims 2

I mentioned a long time ago that I was playing The Sims 2 on my computer, with myself, Sarah, plus another woman living together in a house.

Since then, The Sims 2 has had a few new expansion packs, including one that allows the three of us to enjoy hobbies dear to our hearts. One of the ten areas of interest available is film and literature, and a sure way to stoke interest is to sit down at a computer and write a novel. (If my interest levels are high enough, I can blog about film and literature too.)

Well, as it turns out, I spent a few weeks at the computer writing Perfect Girl, and sold it for $2,600. Now, a copy sits on my home bookshelf, being read by none other than Sarah herself! She is certainly enjoying reading what I wrote about her life and work. Meanwhile, I continue to write another novel, this one a sequel (presumably dealing with Sarah's possible future activism in CodePink, since I included a bomb and the peace symbol in the plotline).

I'm enjoying playing Sarah's life out on the computer, even though she is an entertainer, not a flight attendant, given the limitations of the game.

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