21 March 2008

Another class I could use

So far, I am signed up for one UCLA Extension class this spring, with Lisa Dale Norton, on writing a book-length memoir. It will help not only my own life, but also in plotting out Sarah's story into a more focused format. Having taken a previous course with Norton, I know this will be a very productive class.

UCLA Extension is tempting me with another course though. My longtime mentor Gayle Brandeis created a new course on writing for social change. Both Sarah and I have lots of social injustices to address and tackle (not just homophobia, but sexism too), so this course could really help too. But I don't think I will be focused if I try to take two courses at once. Oh well.

I did ask Gayle to offer it again in the future, so that I will be able to take it then. In the meantime, once I have large chunks of Sarah's story back in place (now that I've received relevant materials on flight attendant career), I will also contact Masha Hamilton for another course with her. (She did want me to take her spring class, but I had to pass.)

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