21 March 2008

Transgender Reality Show

I am NOT a fan of reality TV - it was already old when the original Survivor was airing. But this particular one caught my attention.

Transamerican Love Story follows a beautiful transgender woman, Calpernia Addams, as eight eligible bachelors vie for her attention and love. Calpernia is a tall redhead, just like Sarah, and that's another reason for me to pay attention. Calpernia is advised by another transwoman, Andrea James.

The show airs Monday nights at 10PM Eastern, on Viacom's LGBT-themed Logo network.

Of course, I would've vastly preferred bachelorettes vying for a transwoman's attention. But even for a gay audience, the prospect of a lesbian transwoman takes a bit of getting used to. Perhaps Perfect Girl, and Sarah's love life, will be what turns things around, and get people more familiar with lesbian transwomen - I hope that will happen.

Transamerican Love Story
Calpernia Addams
Andrea James

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