07 February 2008

Thoughts floating around my head

With the class last fall, and with the San Francisco visit last Christmas, I had lots of new ideas that could be fertile writing material for Sarah.

But I don't seem to have the motivation to move forward and actually crank out new scenes. Maybe it's just that living with the folks, and not wanting to let them know what I'm really writing about, is taking a toll.

Another thing is the fear of not writing a perfect first draft. I know it's not possible, but nevertheless, a crappy draft is my biggest fear, even though it's a necessary step.

I think I will need to do what recording artists do. Singers usually write and record about three dozen songs for an album, but only a dozen at most usually make it onto the album by the release date, and of those, only a few at most become hits. For me, this will mean writing more scenes/materials than necessary, and putting only the best/most relevant material into the final book.

There are a few teenage scenes to write, a few college and early work scenes, and of course, lots of flight attendant scenes. And I should not be forgetting Sarah's post-flight attendant days either! Let me see if I can still crank out a few scenes, rusty as my writing seems to have become.

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