23 January 2008

An element of suspense

Now that I've thought a bit more about Martha and her past as a working girl, I need to add another element of suspense into the storyline.

About a year into her flight attendant work, Martha's past secrets should start being known to certain coworkers. This may happen in the form of a former customer flying on Martha's flight, hitting on her, and when confronted by other flight attendants, outing Martha's past. This may get to a point where Martha faces suspension from her duties, during a layover in NYC. Martha will go AWOL that night - not on purpose, but because she gets killed by the cab driver.

Martha's death will also cause complications for Sarah when she tries to track down information. Due to Martha's suspended status, the airline may not obtain dead Martha's photos from the police, leaving Sarah with no way to even say goodbye to Martha.

I will see how this can be developed.

Martha's sexuality may also be tweaked. I'll most likely make her bisexual, which will make her more eager to go after her male customers during her working girl days.

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