12 February 2008

For the next week or two...

Things have deteriorated at home, to a point where I have decided that I will not get any productive writing done. The atmosphere is too hostile, and I'll have to fight my way out before resuming any significant writing.

Until then, going away from time to time will be my only shot at meaningful writing.

Fortunately, Orlando awaits this weekend. I honestly don't expect to get a lot done, between my business on the weekdays and my sightseeing on the weekends. And despite booking first class, I don't expect to write on the flights either, due to the large size and wimpy battery life of my laptop; I might still try anyway if the seat next to me is empty - and I get some privacy as a result.

Weekday evenings should be fair game for doing some writing, as I expect to go out only for dinners.

To keep it easy AND productive, I will limit myself to doing exercises, instead of aiming for pieces of my novel. Those exercises can still produce material for my novel, depending on the exercise. To that end, I will pack a copy of Fruitflesh, by my mentor Gayle Brandeis, in my laptop bag. It's a book that I tend to hide due to its woman-centered focus, which my folks find objectionable; as a result, I haven't done too many exercises in it. But that WILL change during my week in Orlando.

Hoping that Orlando will be as much of a writing retreat as it is a business trip and a sightseeing vacation.


gayle said...

Hi Rachel!

I'm so sorry things are so difficult at home right now. I'm glad you have a chance to get away for a while--I hope you'll be able to do it permanently soon. I hope Fruitflesh will give you just the inspiration you are looking for--I'm touched that you're bringing it with you!


Rachel said...


Originally I planned on taking just my iPhone for Internet access, and no computer. But seeing that my writing is getting nowhere, and also seeing that I'd probably want to lug a laptop anyway, I decided to throw Fruitflesh into the laptop bag.

I was flipping through Part Three and the Kiwi fruit intro - and then decided that I'd have to do those exercises on the road. Because otherwise, those exercises will never get done, period. (I might even go to a local supermarket to grab a Kiwi fruit, but that is not likely.)

I'll see how far I can get. Thanks!