02 September 2007

Travel plans postponed

Another setback for my novel. I'm not feeling well, and as a result, had to scrub my planned itinerary to Northern California and the Bay Area this weekend.

I'll re-schedule for Thanksgiving or Christmas, when I have more time.

In the meantime, I will have to do a few exercises on my own. My writing is starting to get rusty, and at this pace, my novel may just rot away and never come to fruition. It'll be a disgrace for both Sarah, and the transgender rights movement. Time to start reading a few novels for inspiration, and do some Web-surfing of relevant sites...


gayle said...

Oh, Rachel, I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, and that you've had to postpone your trip. I'm sorry, too, that you feel your novel is languishing. Any chance you could take an online class this fall (mine or maybe my friend Masha's?) I'd love to help you get back into the flow...


Rachel said...


Thanks for your offer, but I would rather be taking Novel III if I were to return to UCLA Extension.

Let me check out Masha's class again though, it might be a fit for me...

BTW I've been going through what I've written so far, and my head is teeming with ideas on what to write next and what to fix.

Thank you so much for looking out for me. It's a shame I won't be making your next appearances (but then, it'll remain the case until I move out in a few months).