15 March 2007

Unitarian Congressman comes out as atheist

Unitarian Universalist chalice

I thought this would belong here, since Unitarian Universalism is a major part of Sarah and Kirsten's lives (and hopefully, mine too, before too long).

Congressman Pete Stark, representing Fremont, California, has come out as an atheist Unitarian. This makes him the highest-ranking atheist elected official in US government.

This article stresses the Unitarian belief system, which is creedless - it is up to the believer to formulate his/her own beliefs, and some Unitarians are, of course, atheist.

In my novel, Sarah will continue to hold liberal Christian beliefs at her Unitarian congregation, while Kirsten becomes a Goddess Woman. The Unitarian setting is pretty much the only way to get them to meet at a church, and fall in love despite their differences.

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