15 March 2007

Change in focus for this blog

As I try to resume my writing, I've also decided that I will need a change of focus for this blog.

So far, this blog has dealt strictly with the writing, and Sarah's world. But from now on, current events that have a transgender focus will also be discussed, specifically as it relates/will relate to my work. Fashion and beauty will also be fair game as well - I've discussed those topics here before. My other, political blog will continue to handle all other current events, including lesbian/bi/gay ones.

I am hoping to turn this blog into not only a discussion of Sarah and her life, but also a resource for relevant transgender information.

To that end, I am posting a link to a transgender convention in San Jose, California, taking place next month. I would love to go, but it is extremely unlikely that I will make it; nevertheless, many topics being discussed there will be very relevant, and I do hope for a miracle that will enable me to go there. (I might send Sarah and Kirsten to a similar convention - there is a significant other/spouse session for Kirsten to attend - though Sarah may come away disappointed and angry, over her disagreements with older, conservative transgender women.)

California Dreamin

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