25 March 2007

Back on Track

My new Mac is here, and with it, my novel writing is back on track.

I tested out MS Word for Mac by revising my novel outline, which hasn't changed in a year and a half. (Well, I did make some changes - but lost them when my old PC crashed.)

As I revised, I was thinking of a way to rub in an identity crisis for Sarah, right before her surgery. My plans previously called for sending her to the sperm bank in the final weeks before surgery, while the hormones have stopped - and make her body act all male again. But given that the sperm would likely be spoiled by that point after years of estrogen therapy, I needed some other way of handling this. I think I have it. (Sorry, I won't spoil it here.)

Now, time to go buy the full version of Word (my copy is a free 30-day trial without printing), and start writing away.

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