13 November 2005

Feeling Sarah's presence

Right now, I have returned to Incheon Airport, an hour west of Seoul, to obtain prepaid WiFi cards, which the bureaucrats at KT in Seoul did not even know of. They want the damn National ID number, which I cannot provide, since I am a foreigner!

Having set one entire chapter of Perfect Girl in Seoul, I feel special coming back here. Incheon Airport, in particular, is where some of Sarah's activities take place. Not too far away from where I am sitting is the United Airlines crew office, where Sarah would've gone to get her briefings before working her flights back to San Francisco. And the police interrogation after a passenger assaults Sarah on her first Seoul flight would also take here at Incheon.

Coming out here to get my WiFi access cards has eaten up a lot of my time, and I don't expect to stroll the streets of Insa-Dong Antique District (where Sarah ate a lunch and did shopping for Kirsten) today. I'll be lucky if I can get myself to the Jamsil district on the east side of Seoul, where I'll be tracing footsteps from my own past.

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