13 November 2005

First Post from Seoul

I am finally in Seoul.

As I made my way here on the wonderful service by Asiana Airlines, my thought was constantly on Sarah, as I saw the top-notch Asiana flight attendants in action. In particular, one of the flight attendants was an American brunette who was juggling Korean, English, and Spanish with the different passengers; she reminded me of Sarah's own language proficiencies. I could easily see that serving the passengers' needs for a 13-hour flight was no easy task, and it would be even worse over at United for Sarah, given United's pathetic flight attendant pay and neglect of infrastructure and services.

Upon arriving at Incheon Airport, I searched for a Korea Telecom (KT) office to buy prepaid WiFi access cards; it was too late, and now I am writing this entry offline. The search did take me to various airline offices on the second floor of the airport terminal, including the United office, where Sarah would have gotten her briefings before working her flights back to San Francisco.

This is my fourth visit to Seoul, but the first one since I started working on Perfect Girl. Right now, I am in an apartment next to the former US Army Base in Yongsan, which is supposed to be Kirsten's birthplace. Tomorrow, I will be hitting the streets to get those KT prepaid WiFi cards - and to retrace the steps of Kirsten, Sarah, and me that are strewn all over this city.

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