07 October 2005

Religion... and Fashion

Those of you who know my personal life already know that my difficult finances, partly due to rampant discrimination in the job market (even in San Francisco!), forced me to move in with my parents a few years ago - taking my identity away against my will in the process. (Yes, it can be done - since I lived in a conservative state, Arizona, where I had ended up after fleeing San Francisco.) I've fought back ever since by re-assuming my lost identity whenever possible, such as during trips away from home. And under their watchful eyes, even taking hormone pills has been a big source of conflicts. And until I can build my own business - and therefore have a source of discrimination-proof income - I am stuck in that rut.

I will have some time to myself soon though, very soon. This will enable me to do a few things - like visiting a Unitarian Universalist congregation near me. Since I am fed up with traditional Christianity and its teachings, this will be a good thing for me. But more importantly, I will be able to explore and understand the very belief system that plays a key role in Kirsten's life - and to a lesser extent, Sarah's. The two will meet at a Unitarian church, and will eventually marry there, so it is imperative that I understand the organization as thoroughly as possible. I will make sure that the congregation will be "open and affirming" - specifically trained to accept LGBT members. I am split between attending a smaller congregation in Montclair, close to me, and a larger congregation in Pasadena, a bit of a drive. I will figure out.

I also expect to do some clothing shopping - again. I will be developing a personal style not only for myself, but for Sarah as well. So far, I've developed four different looks for Sarah: the Ally McBeal inspired miniskirt suit (her first outfit), empire-waisted babydoll dresses, tank top and shorts, and of course the flight attendant uniform. Of those, the suit won't take her far, because I expect Kirsten to also favor - really favor - miniskirt suits, and I can't have two identical suits walking around together. Recently, I stumbled upon the Urban Outfitters website, despite the company's undesirable political activities. The see-through and tunic dresses seemed like something Sarah could potentially wear over a pair of jeans or slacks. Or, if by some chance Sarah prefers black (as I do), she could pick up a dozen pairs of textured and/or bright colored tights for accenting her legs. Now that I mentioned that, this could be a casual look I need badly for myself too - a black casual tunic dress that could be worn over khakis or by itself, but preferably with bright tights! (I already have plenty of other black outfits as well that will also work with those tights.) I'm definitely making a stop for window-shopping at the earliest opportunity. I'll also be shopping at a few other stores while at it, like the Gap, J. Crew, and possibly the politically correct, Los Angeles-made American Apparel (I hear they have great T-shirts!).

Another opportunity for pushing my story forward. And I'll make the best out of it.

And it also looks like I will have to take another business trip in about a month, one that will have me follow Sarah's footsteps - and her grandfather's. Yes, South Korea, the country Grandpa Warren defended in his F-86. Whether I will be arriving in a United Airlines 777, like Sarah, is an unknown (I would love to observe Sarah's coworkers though!). Between the super-modern electronics and the backward customs, the country is sending very mixed signals to me; I will see how I will be able to navigate all that. This will be my first opportunity to experience the Far East as a woman.

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