04 October 2005


Spending the past week in the Nation's Capital meant that I did not get much writing done... I mean, I got nothing done in terms of actual writing.

I do have to say though, however, that participating in a number of political activities, as Rachel, was a very positive, empowering experience. On my other blog, I've compared my relationship with the United States to a marriage on the rocks, and it seems that I have at least delayed the divorce filing, for now. Since I see Kirsten as being a political type, and Sarah as being interested in LGBT-related issues as well, I may need to have a smaller-scale political gathering back in California for the two to attend together, possibly. I will think about it.

In addition, my pink miniskirt suit (especially the skirt) was the talk of the town among the activists whom I met. I need to have a similarly catchy outfit for Sarah, and have it become her "trademark" outfit at one of her early outings. Of course, I found full acceptance as a transgender woman named Rachel; I need to make sure that Sarah has a circle of people who will accept her at face value as well.

The memoir class is helping me out tremendously at this time. I was asked to write about all the important places I've ever lived in (I named over a dozen, including a hotel room in London), and picking one of them, to write about three shimmering images from a dozen objects in and around the place. I ended up capturing the nervousness and the excitement of me trying to present as a woman for the first time. This is the same feeling that I need to carry over to Sarah.

My classmate, who once worked for United Airlines, has finally logged on - and was pleasantly surprised when she read about Sarah. I will start sending her some specific questions very soon.

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