11 October 2005

Dinner with Sarah

I will soon attempt, as my next scene, something that I wanted to do since back in spring: a dinner with Sarah. This will not be used in the novel itself, but it will let me understand Sarah that much better.

I will be able to take Sarah to a restaurant of her choosing, sit down together, and talk about how our pasts compare. I will also be able to "interview" her about her experiences around the world, both as a child and as a flight attendant. I will be noting everything, from the way she dresses to the way she uses her utensils, to even her makeup - and whether she re-does her lipstick after the meal! (I don't, btw.) I will be able to highlight the similarities and the differences between Sarah and me. I'll even have the appropriate music play while we eat, such as Sarah McLachlan.

I will probably share the dinner scene with some of the former classmates, and maybe with the public at large through Epinions' member corner.


Anonymous said...
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Damian McNicholl said...

I am really enjoying your commentary, Rachel. This work sounds to be very promising.

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for your support, Damian!