27 September 2005

Possible research source

I am starting a new course, to learn how to write a memoir. This will feed into my work on Perfect Girl, to make sure that by learning more about my own world, it will enrich Sarah's and Kirsten's as well.

I found a classmate in the memoir class who spent four years as a United Airlines flight attendant. Bravo! I've already replied to her about Perfect Girl, and hopefully an avenue of communications will open up. She says that her rebellious years were during her stint at United, after being a rather quiet college student at UCLA. That would mean lots of crazy stories to tell - and I need as much as possible!

Let me see what I can make out of this new source of research.


paulineski said...

hi there,

very, very cool blog. hope to read the finished novel.

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comments, and for stopping by!

I'll reveal more and more of the story as time allows. I'm on the road now, and it makes it tougher to update.

gayle said...

How wonderful that such a great resource has arisen in your class, Rachel! I hope this class will be a fruitful one for you. I thought of Sarah as I flew to and from DC!

Rachel said...

Thank you Gayle! I indeed feel very fortunate to come across this classmate.

Tomorrow's my turn to fly back to California, and I'll observe the flight attendants carefully once again.