14 October 2005

Did shopping a bit early

I was dead tired, but somehow forced myself to do some shopping last night anyway.

I ended up picking up a hooded sweatshirt dress, something I needed for a sportier look; my wardrobe is currently too dressy (like Kirsten's), and I need to dress down sometimes.

A surprise find last night: two pairs of footless tights. Paired with the sweatshirt dress, I can definitely go for that 1980s athletic look, updated for today of course. I'll think of other ways I can pull of the footless look. (Note to self: it would be great to find long tops that double as dresses.)

What does this mean for my novel? I can make Sarah experiment away with her style, as I do the same for myself. I even want her to make some fashion mistakes (even embarrassing ones!) as she establishes a set of looks for herself. As Sarah's body develops, I will move her into ever more flattering designs, like the all-important LBD (something I still can only dream of for now). I can also think of ways to dress Kirsten down; I cannot have her wear a suit 24/7! I need to come up with two distinct sets of looks that reflect the two characters' personalities (and my own).

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