15 October 2005

The dinner scene

I just started it, and it may take up to a week to write a satisfactory rough draft. It's still a lot of effort, considering that it won't ever be part of the novel.

So far, this much is clear. The scene is written from my point of view, and takes place in early 2007 in London, where Sarah had moved the previous year. Sarah already knows of me, because I had been messing with her thoughts all her life. When we meet up, we will be like old friends - even though this would be our first-ever meeting. I don't know which topics we will exactly discuss, I will let that evolve as I write. For now, I have described Sarah's physical attributes, as I followed her into a trendy Japanese noodle house near Leicester Square in the heart of the city's theatre district.

This will be a fun scene to write, and will reveal as much about me as it does about Sarah, especially in regards to what we think of each other.

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