16 October 2005

A day in the life of a flight attendant

A few hours ago, I logged on to FlyerTalk to get any tips on my possible trip to Seoul (I am trying to use my miles to upgrade, and I want to know my chances). I ran across a USA Today article instead, chronicling a day in the life of a United flight attendant.

The more reading for me, the better I can shape Sarah's reality. This is definitely going into my virtual scrapbook.

I was furious at the pathetic wage levels for flight attendants, both in general and specifically at United. I was even more furious when I came across a neocon in the FlyerTalk forums who defended these wages as "free market at work," and blamed the unions for preventing the airlines from replacing old, expensive flight attendants with younger, sexier, and cheaper ones. He openly declared that flight attendants are disposable commodities with a shelf life of at most 5 years. I hope HIS job is just as disposable in the free-market economy, and that he loses all the elite perks he currently claims to have with United and Continental. As for me, experience is just as important as good service, and more important than good looks.

At least I am glad to know that Sarah doesn't have to wear 3" heels or girdles like her predecessors did.

USA Today article

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