19 October 2005

Even more shopping

I got more shopping done tonight - I know, I need to start watching my money!

For me, tonight was a big watershed moment for a transgender woman: the first time I got to see myself in that item every woman must have, an LBD (Little Black Dress). Until now, I've been very shy about even trying one on, much less buying one, because of fears of showing off my wide shoulders, not being able to pull off the strapless look, and so forth.

The one I ended up buying, at $98, is sleeveless, with a plunging neckline, but still covers me nicely - no worries about the bra straps ever showing. My still-wide shoulders and upper arms manage to look good in it too. After years of covering myself up in suits (nice as they are, they are not for parties), I am finally confidently showing my "assets" off, and ready for a night out on the town. My double-female necklace looks even more stunning with this dress.

This is a feeling I need to capture for Sarah. The nervousness over trying the LBD on a masculine body, and the joy at finding the right dress that makes her look good - this must be factored into some point in Sarah's early stages as a woman. I expect Sarah to be shy and stay away from LBDs for her first few years, but I'll give her the added advantage of significant hormone therapy by the time she gets to try one on, perhaps a year or two into her flight attendant duty.

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