01 July 2009

Some updates...

Yep, that's me hanging out with Calpernia Addams.
Could become the cover for Perfect Girl as well!
(In that case, Calpernia as Sarah and me as Kirsten)

I've been very exhausted lately - I've been functioning like a socialite as of late, attending a zillion functions and going through a ton of time and money. All for a good cause, however.

First of all, one of the people I ended up meeting in San Francisco (edit: name and link removed) hit it off with me quite a bit - to a point where she's gone ahead and listed me as her girlfriend on Facebook! Well, I wasn't exactly looking forward to dating, but I could indeed use a dating life right now. And on top of this, since this "love flame" of mine is a transwoman herself, I now have a first-person look at a relationship between two trans lesbians, which I could translate into Sarah's first relationship, that with Martha.

And just two days after spotting Calpernia Addams (and her spotting me) at San Francisco's Pride Parade (but going nowhere beyond that), I met with her again, this time at Lucky Strikes Bowling Alley in Hollywood. Calpernia co-hosted a fashion show to benefit the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; being a cat lover myself, I was very happy to attend this event, and have some chances to discuss various things with Calpernia while at it. Calpernia really entertains the idea of me asking her to play Sarah, if Perfect Girl ends up in a movie deal. She does consider herself too old, however, and she would rather play Sarah's mother or older sister, she says, but if she must be Sarah herself, it'd be no problem losing her fear of heights and becoming a lesbian, she told me.

In the meantime, the website project that I had previously mentioned is taking too much toll on me. I will withdraw from that project, so that I can do my day job and also resume writing Sarah's story. After all, I want to have a working draft by mid-August, so that I can take it to the UCLA Extension residency class and have my trusted mentor Gayle Brandeis work with me to refine it.

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