09 May 2009

In Virginia now

Too much stress, not enough progress on novel or anything, since my last post. I hope that changes over the next week, however.

I spent today flying from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. I had made sure to book on a United Airlines Boeing 777 - Sarah's favorite aircraft to work in, and my own favorite to travel in. No signs of Sarah today on board - among the eight flight attendants, six were men, and the women were a blonde and an African-American - but this was my first flight on a United 777 since starting to write about Sarah. My only regret was that I was flying on that 777 to show up in a familiar city, rather than a faraway exotic locale, as I used to do quite a bit in the past.

The 777 today was an XI - meaning three-class seating and international amenities (including personal video and air show) but merely a standard 777 rather than the Extended Range version. I did note the crew rest area in the right front of the Economy Plus cabin - complete with extra legroom. Due to the flight being a mere domestic run, the crew rest area was being used as extra revenue seats, though I wasn't allowed to get a seat assignment there, and had to settle for a standard Economy Plus seat on the left side (which is, nevertheless, a nice improvement).

It certainly was not a perfect flight (the plane was in bad need of a paint job), but it was nice to be on a plane that is an icon for both Sarah and me. I'm hoping there will be another flight on a United 777 later this year, to take me back to Europe and to ensure that I keep my Premier status. (When I return to California in a week, I'm downsizing to an A319.) In the meantime, I'll see what kinds of inspirations I can get for Sarah.

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