01 April 2009

April Fool's Joke

Perfect Girl is not only complete, but it has a publisher and is nominated for several key literary awards.

Okay, that's a complete joke. But the following item is real.

The French Air and Space Museum had its own April Fool's prank on its website, which stated that one of its Concordes was going to fly again. It would fly out west of Ireland for a supersonic run. The website has since removed the prank, but AFP reported it as real, and BBC also picked up on it. (BBC also says that if the flight were real, the preparation and re-certification of the aircraft would cost 2 million euro at least.)

The museum, located at Le Bourget Airport northeast of Paris, also happens to be important to Perfect Girl, as one of the venues where little Sanford hangs out with his grandfather and cultivates his love of aviation. I will make sure to get out there myself someday, if I can put together an excuse for another visit to Paris. That won't be anytime soon, however, as places like Germany and Italy, and maybe Iberia, Switzerland, and Greece, are farther up my priority list than a return visit to France, if I can get myself over to Europe again anytime soon.

My French is getting quite rusty, so the French-only website is quite baffling to me, but the museum does look like a very worthwhile destination with easy transit access, so I'll make sure to head that way at the next opportunity.

Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace (French Air and Space Museum)

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