25 March 2009

Body Image

For the past few months, I had some thoughts regarding Sarah's body image, especially as her body feminizes.

For a while, I've known of the website below:


DOMAI (it's an acronym, the first three letters standing for Dirty Old Man, obviously catering primarily to men) showcases tens of thousands of photos of nude women. Its pages say that while traditional female nudes have been either high art or porn, the website instead strives for something called "simple nude." Most, if not all, of the photos feature the models (all consensual and adult) posing doing something natural. The goal appears to enjoy being natural, and to be proud of one's own body image.

Most photos are available only to paying subscribers, but there are enough free samples to clarify the idea. Visitors do leave comments - and while most indeed are men with naturist experiences of their own, some women also visit and leave comments - regarding their own naturist experiences, looking at nude men, or appreciating the beauty of another female nude body.

While high art nudity gets tiresome, and porn is certainly not my thing, I find the "simple nude" concept very fascinating. While it'll be years, if ever, before I feel comfortable enough to enjoy my body, I could let Sarah do some of this. I've always stated that Sarah's longtime fantasy was to walk around a lovely flower field naked, and in recent months, I've turned Kirsten into a serious amateur photographer, often taking photos of Sarah. These come together - and Kirsten gets to take artistic photos of Sarah in the nude, as her feminization progresses and her confidence grows.

While I already got to play with a bit of this with my Sarah interview in Seoul, I need to develop this, and by extension, Sarah's personality and self-image, further. I'll be doing a double-interview of both Sarah and Kirsten at their Hollywood condo as soon as I am able. I'll take a look at their computer, which will certainly have those nude photos. (I've given up on the Hong Kong interview for Sarah - and will simply share my Hong Kong observations with Sarah.) I'll not only get to bring out Sarah's self-image, but also Kirsten's artistic tastes.

Another thing I like about the site is that women come in all shapes and sizes. While the models are normally in their early 20s, there are some older models too, and body sizes are all over the map. Even the anatomies differ; some have more pronounced labia than others. I remember two models who especially reminded me of Sarah; the first had a crotch that was parted three different ways rather than the expected two (the model might be a pre-op transwoman, and the middle part may as well be a tucked-back penis), and the second had an unusually large clitoris. I need to really get to know Sarah's body - maybe even better than my own.

About a year ago, I decided that Sarah's pre-op body would feature a very large penis, which she calls her "big clit," and has caused tons of grief and body image issues for her over the years, but now is a source of pride as ample source of raw material for the surgery. Now, I need to describe Sarah's post-op anatomy; while she certainly won't have much in the labia department (that usually requires an optional second surgery, which I'll have Sarah skip), I do need to know what her vagina feels like, how her new, smaller clitoris looks, and even how she grooms/shaves her pubic hair. After all, Kirsten is a hardcore carpet muncher, and she needs to come home to Sarah's red-carpet treatment. Kirsten herself will be brought out through the various ways she sets up Sarah's nude photos, from the background to Sarah's props/accessories/partial clothing to Sarah's body pose.

I'll see what I find during the Hollywood interview. (I already look forward to parking my new car next to Kirsten's own - with the vanity plate SAPPHIC.)

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