08 December 2008

Update from Seoul

Although I'm back in South Korea in relative peace, I am not feeling good.

The treasonous Republican colonial government and/or its supporters (either within South Korea or in the Korean-American community) appear to have placed a virus in my laptop, and it's severely hampering my ability to go online and access certain types of content. They are chickens, so they won't just put up a firewall along the lines of those in China and Muslim nations just yet. (South Korea does operate a firewall, but they are, officially, only for North Korean websites.) Of course, if I were a South Korean, or a long-term foreigner with South Korean alien registration, it could be worse, as the authorities would have my current address at all times, and could arrest me at will.

My time management is falling apart as a result. A short blog post with a few photos could easily take two hours to complete and post, due to the timeouts and delays. I canceled all plans for today, including my meditation commute, since late-night blogging tends to really cut my sleeping time.

I guess I could spend part of today doing some Sarah-related writing, namely work on the Hong Kong dinner scene, if I am not too PO'd. But other things I want to post here, including tons of Kwan Yin photos from Hong Kong, will not work out until I am back stateside. Fortunately, that is not too far away. Sure, back in California, I must continue to live with the consequences of the devastating actions of South Korea's government and the Korean-Americans - including Proposition 8 - but I do look forward to getting rid of my BMW.

At that point, I will also do a lunch interview, right in Hollywood, with a pregnant Kirsten at her place, with our BMW retirements (and new replacement cars) as initial conversation pieces. Kirsten's car will have a vanity plate reading "SAPPHIC" - it could only be hers. I'll probably have Sarah, returning from another flight assignment, join us toward the end. And at least one among the three of us will make a religious analogy to me and Kirsten; Kirsten will be compared to Virgin Mary for her ability to bear a child without a man's help, while I'll certainly be compared to Kwan Yin, for my similarities to Kirsten (paralleling Kwan Yin's own similarities to Virgin Mary) while being transgender.

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