03 November 2008


I am in Seoul, most likely until the New Year.

Not much to say, other than that my dinner scene with Sarah, which takes place right here in Seoul, is coming along very nicely.

I have taken a few liberties as I wrote it. First, I am assuming that Barack Obama wins the US presidency, though barely, and that California bans gay marriages. (I sincerely hope I am wrong on the latter.) Second, I am picking up my car and taking Sarah to dinner later this week on a rainy day, even though I don't expect rain this week, and I won't even have my car until around the end of the month. And lastly, I am putting a Thai restaurant on the top floor of Lotte Department Store in Jamsil, even though in reality, there is no Thai restaurant there. (Lotte's main store in downtown DOES have a very nice Thai place, and I decided to simply move it over to Jamsil.)

Looking forward to finishing the scene up soon, and learning a lot about Sarah in the process. And we have to also set up our next dinner - in Hong Kong!

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