30 October 2008

Coming back to Seoul

I just arrived in Seoul, to resume my routine, which had to be interrupted to allow me to return to Los Angeles and work for a week. I'm very relieved to be back; I blogged about the frustrations of being back home in my personal blog.

Now, back to my journey back to Seoul. No luck with Sarah today. My flight out of Los Angeles was delayed, so I don't think I flew anywhere close to Sarah. Moreover, my flight took an unusually northerly route, through Anchorage, Nome, the Diomedes, Siberia, and Sakhalin, in order to find weaker headwinds. A United flight (or any other US-flagged flight) would not have been able to file the flight plan that my Asiana pilots had filed, because it involved flying through North Korean air traffic control sector, something US aircraft are not allowed to do. And no luck finding a United aircraft when I landed at Incheon Airport, and certainly no tall redhead flight attendants.

Now, I need to get back to my dinner scenes with Sarah. Once they are done, I can move on to something more tangible - like a sex scene that will find its way to the actual storyline. I hope that Seoul (and hopefully, the rest of South Korea, and maybe even Hong Kong) will continue to give me inspirations in the most unexpected of places.

I tried to bring a bit of my own self and some transgender-related stuff to Seoul, but all I could pull off was a book - She's Not There by Jennifer Boylan. It should also serve as a good inspiration source.

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