06 November 2008

Location/Time Zone Change

Given that I won't be going home until January at least (most likely after Obama takes office), and given that I am extremely fed up with California's tradition of reactionary politics, both from the white natives and from the Third World immigrants, I will no longer list my location as California.

I've been in Seoul for the vast majority of my past two months. Seoul is now my second home, and will remain so for a long while, as I continue to return here frequently over the next few years. There are lots of things for me to do here, from meditating to gathering inspirations to kicking some asses of the South Korean right-wing extremists who are glad to fund California's destructive tendencies.

To that end, I will list my location as Seoul until further notice, and switch my blog timer over to GMT +9. When I visit Hong Kong, I may reflect that in my status. But when I do return to California, my location will simply go blank, and the time stamp will go to GMT.

Now, back to the novel.

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