07 November 2008

A few extra thoughts

I am too exhausted and mad to write the actual novel at this time. Even the dinner scene here in Seoul is a bit too much for me, for today.

But I continue to gather inspirations. The dinner scene consists of me and Sarah, in my rental car, driving over to Jamsil for a dinner and some shopping. Today, I spent time ice skating at Jamsil's Lotte World, the very place Sarah and I are going to in the scene. We may skate, even though Sarah is in a tunic shirt and I am in a mini; a number of mini-clad women do skate there. I also managed to see a few Western women around, a very tall middle-aged brunette and a young blonde, and both reminded me of Sarah to some degree. (And based on the sweatshirt, the blonde certainly seemed to be American.)

For the shopping portion, we were supposed to stock up on high-quality Korean hosiery, but I will go beyond that. We'll duck into a puzzle store to pick up magnetic game sets; while Sarah already has a magnetic travel set for chess, I will also give her another travel set, for Go and Korean chess, as she'll certainly want to try those games out. (In fact, I will even have Sarah tell me that she's been studying Go online for a year. However, Korean chess will be completely new to her, though she may have played the similar Chinese chess before.) Sarah is a natural at board games, and when we return to Sarah's hotel room to play the games, she'll beat me in all three games. We'll even attempt to play Chinese chess with the Korean set (which is definitely doable), and Sarah will give me a swift checkmate in that game too.

We will also shop at MAC Cosmetics counter at the department store, primarily because I need to replace my worn-out foundation case.

It'll be fun eating, shopping, and playing together. And in the privacy of the hotel room, Sarah will get to nag me quite a bit about spilling everything about her body in this blog. We will also look at Sarah's tools of the trade, as well as a Seoul travel article she's writing for United Airlines' inflight magazine.

Looking forward to resuming my writing once I am in a better mental state, and looking forward to collecting more inspirations.

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